22 noiembrie 2012

The Cure Is... FREE!!!....Filmul Care Iti Poate Schimba Viata: Vindecarea Este ...GRATUITA!!!

 Filmul The CURE Is...(Vindecarea este...) GRATUIT Pentru Toata Lumea! Oferiti Ocazia Prietenilor, Familiei, Oricarui Cunoscut Sau Necunoscut, Sa Se Bucure De Vizionarea GRATUITA A Acestui Extraordinar Film!

Mesajul de mai jos spune totul, iar eu nu pot sa va invit sa va bucurati de vizionarea acestui film The Cure Is (Vindecarea este...), film ce poate sa iti schimbe VIATA! 

My name is David Scharps, filmmaker of the The Cure Is… (You!)
I need your help to share free screenings of our film. Why? Because it has the potential to change lives—of people you know—in incredible ways.  I'm so excited to invite you to become one of the first messengers for The Cure Is... (You!), and ask you to simply forward this email to anyone you wish. It is a gift from me—and you—to the world.
The film's message has resonated with so many and sparked something within people that is making them want to share it with everyone. And that truly is our wish: for as many people to see The Cure Is... and benefit from the life-changing information it contains.
Now I am reaching out to you, as a supporter of the film, to also join us in spreading this powerful message: that we are all responsible for our own good health, or lack of it. Isn't it incredible to learn that genetics are no longer to blame for the majority of disease? It is awakening inspiration and hope in so many people. 
I am deeply grateful that you would consider forwarding this to your friends, family, loved ones and colleagues to watch this film for FREE. There's no obligation, simply share it with everyone you know!
Here is the free view link: http://thecureismovie.com/?page_id=213
Yours in wellness and much gratitude,

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